Cooking with my bro.

That colorful and mouth-watering stack of deliciousness may look like a sandwich but  dear reader it is a kickass veggie burger melt made on the fly by my brother and I.

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This morning I harvested our first tomato of the season.  It was a tiny little roma or “Sophie sized” as my daughter likes call all mini things she comes across.  I quickly snapped this photo and then that tomato was gone gobbled up by, rather neatly, by my girl.  But at least I have evidence of it’s existence.

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And we’re back

We just returned from a two week vacation.  It was wonderful to wake up beside the mister and hear Sophie’s confused questions about why he wasn’t at work.  Most of our vacation was spent doing day trips all over Southern California and we ended it with a trip to Las Vegas.

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Just like her father.

One of the magical things about having a child is watching them grow and develop their own personality and their own quirks.  But occassionally Sophie will do something, react a certain way, or get a look on her face that is not all hers.  More often than not these instances remind me of her father the engineer and lover of order and precision.


Last month I taught Sophie how to fold a blanket she giggled over it, we had some fun and I thought that was that.  Then one day I went to wake her up from her nap and I found this.

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Fairy Garden Love

What do you get for the girl who loves plants, rocks, and tinkerbell?  Why a fairy garden of course!

This garden came together on a whim one day while our family was shopping at Lowes.  It was the Friday before Easter and I was desperate to find a present for Sophie and was about to to walk over to Target and grab her another toy when I spotted the shelves of succulents.  As I was looking through them I remembered a post on Rebecca Woolf’s blog about fairy gardens.  And so I grabbed a bunch of succulents, pink pebbles, and a pot of irish moss.  Those items along with some potting soil and a pink tub that we’ve had for ages looked like this. Continue reading

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‘Til Next Year Cadbury Eggs

I just finished the last of my stash  of Cadbury Eggs and it looks like I’ve made a new fan.

Mom, what’s this?

I’m supposed to eat this?  I don’t like egg with my chocolate!

Ok here goes…

Oh this is good.

Yep definitely a new fan.

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Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last December Mr. Yaz(notthepill) began growing a full beard.  It started off as laziness on his part during vacation and eventually grew so much that it required multiple trimmings a week.  But with the recent heatwave it was decided that the beard had to go.  The upkeep was becoming a hassle and the threat of a beard tan was enough to put the razor in his hand.  We documented the shaving process for posterity and your viewing pleasure.

I’m amazed at how young he looks in the last photo but I must admit that I do miss the beard.

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