An Open Letter to my Sorrel Plants

My Dear Sorrel Bed,

I’m sorry we had to part ways like this.  I planted you early this spring not knowing what vigorous growers you are.  And I was so happy and surprised to see you bush out and fill the bed.  But unfortunately a rogue tomato plant decided to grow too close and started to encroach upon you flattening many of you.  I tried to do what I could to save the undamaged plants but when I saw that rogue tomato had begun bearing hundreds of tasty bright orange cherry tomatoes and that you, dear sorrel bed, were in my way of harvesting these tomatoes, well I knew your time was up.  I just wish I thought of taking a picture of you before uprooting and composting you all.  So let this be a lesson to all the other plants in my garden.  Nothing comes between me and my tomatoes.

-Yaznotthepill aka the sorrel killer.

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