And we’re back

We just returned from a two week vacation.  It was wonderful to wake up beside the mister and hear Sophie’s confused questions about why he wasn’t at work.  Most of our vacation was spent doing day trips all over Southern California and we ended it with a trip to Las Vegas.


The first Monday Mr. Yaznotthepill and I went to the Geffen museum for the Art in the Streets exhibit.  Thanks to Banksy Mondays are free until early August.  And in a serendipitous moment 9 days later we also ran into to more street art in the parking garage of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  Very cool, oh and that “stained glass” art piece in the lower right hand corner of the collage, I love it and am a little awed by it.

I couldn’t resist having my photo taken on every floor of the parking garage.  I do like to pop out from behind the camera now and then.

We also took Sophie to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and she had more fun there than she has had at Disneyland.  All the sea life entranced her and she even gathered enough gumption to touch a few starfish and a sea anemone.  That day the weather was so beautiful we went for a walk along the harbor and up to the lighthouse.  The mister chased Sophie up and down the hill while I attempted to capture their shenanigans on my camera.

There was a lot of swimming on our vacation, an activity that Sophie is slowly learning to enjoy.  She sure does look adorable in a bathing suit!


And we even got to celebrate a birthday with one of our special girls and her boyprend (insert my FIL’s Filipino accent here)


And of course we ate too much delicious food.

Those nose and mustache cake pops were for the birthday girl, she has a slight obsession with moustaches.

 And hundreds of other memories were created.




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One Response to And we’re back

  1. mich says:

    yay i love when i come here and i see blog entries! i’m stealing that picture of me and the boyprend muchos gracias! 😀

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