Fairy Garden Love

What do you get for the girl who loves plants, rocks, and tinkerbell?  Why a fairy garden of course!

This garden came together on a whim one day while our family was shopping at Lowes.  It was the Friday before Easter and I was desperate to find a present for Sophie and was about to to walk over to Target and grab her another toy when I spotted the shelves of succulents.  As I was looking through them I remembered a post on Rebecca Woolf’s blog about fairy gardens.  And so I grabbed a bunch of succulents, pink pebbles, and a pot of irish moss.  Those items along with some potting soil and a pink tub that we’ve had for ages looked like this.

J drilled the holes into the middle tub so the water can drain.  I used pliers to bend the sharp and ragged edges up, can’t have a fairy garden causing injuries!

I used rockes to cover up the holes so the soil doesn’t drain out with the water.  You can also use a screen or as Rebecca Woolfe’s grandmother recommends, pottery shards.

Add your potting soil and start getting so excited that you forget to take pictures of the remaining steps.

And viola! So all I really did was depot the plants (it’s best to do this after you’ve watered them), cut off 1/4″-1/2″ of the root ball, loosened the root system, plopped them into a hole that I dug in the soil, filled the empty spots with the pebbles.  For more detailed instructions check out what Rebecca’s nana has to say.

And give it to your little one for Easter.

Ps.  That awesome bonsai looking plant with the tiny flowers.  That’s some thyme from my herb garden.

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2 Responses to Fairy Garden Love

  1. limejuicy says:

    I need one of these! so adorable!

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