Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was a doozy.  After thinking that we weren’t going to be hosting any Thanksgiving parties at our place, my in-laws changed their minds and asked us if we didn’t mind hosting around 30 members of my husband’s family.  Of course we said yes, and I got started on planning a menu to feed 30 people.

Mr. Yaz(notthepill) and I prepped and cooked 12 dishes and our relatives brought many of their own.  Thanks to my mom and sister-in-law and their cameras I can share a few photos from that night.

Our first turkey.  We brined it for 16 hours and basted it with butter.  It was moist, full of flavor, and beautiful.

The biggest ham I have ever seen.  Got to love Honeybaked but next year I may try doing my own version.

The lovely appetizers.  Mini squash tarts, blue and brie cheese custard with pears and caramelized onions, spicy pickled carrots, and Pioneer Woman’s cheesy olive bread.

Some of the side dishes. Dim sum from Ate Lee, fish cakes, and pickled veggies from Benja, crack ‘n cheese, beet and apple salad, and a the lucky/blessed apple.

A few of the desserts.  Pumpkin and white chocolate cheesecake, sweet potato pie, leche flan, fruit of the gods.

Three tables of food…..and a birthday boy.

And tons of good company!

So that was our Thanksgiving madness in nutshell.  How was yours?

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