A Girl’s Best Friend

It all started with a mole, not the beauty mark kind but the kind that burrows under ground and ruins your lawn.

A couple weeks ago I looked out of my office window onto my front lawn and saw multiple piles of dirt.  After asking and digging (literally) around I found out that we had a mole problem.  The Mister and I tried many tactics to catch the mole to no avail.  Then we found more piles of dirt in the backyard.  And so, last weekend Mr. Yaz(notthepill) and I asked his parents if we could borrow their dog Bleeker, a super adorable chihuahua (maybe?) mix dog, to help with our mole problem.  They said yes and now a week later Bleeker is no longer named Bleeker but Rocky Road and he’s not going back.

You see there’s a little girl in this house who fell in love with him.

He is an adorable dog I must admit.

Unlike his indoor compatriots (Lucky and Cheech) he is young, spritely, and sturdy enough to keep up with our little girl.

She can toss a ball.

And he will chase it down.

And bring it back.

But best of all, she can hug him as tightly as she wants and he’ll hug her right back.

Welcome to the family Rocky Road!

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3 Responses to A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Cris says:

    Looks like a match made in heaven!

  2. Mama C says:

    Pictures warm my heart; Yaz’s (not-the-pill) words tickle my fancy!

    Love ya, dearest!

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