Just a Little Note

Dear Reader,

It’s been over a week since my last post but if you keep up with my tweets you know that my world slightly shifted last Tuesday when my husband got into a car accident. We’re currently dealing with all the crap that comes with such events but the most important thing is that he’s not broken or worse. I promise to start blogging again soon, but for now I’m just waiting for my stomach to unknot itself and for inspiration to arise.

Thank you, Yaznotthepill

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Our Little Garden that Could

Sometimes I get frustrated that our garden doesn’t look the way I want it to, it is very unrefined.  At its best it’s a patch of bare dirt littered with bags of soil, mulch, gardening tools, a few beds and pots.  At it’s worst it’s the same but with large itchy weeds.  But what our garden lacks in style and beauty it more than makes up in what it can produce. Continue reading

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A Pie for Mikey and Jennie

This past Sunday a woman, writer, and food blogger that I much admire, Jennifer Perillo, lost her husband.  It was sudden and unexpected and I can’t even imagine what she is going through.  But she is loved and the outpouring of support from the food blogging community has been amazing.  Food bloggers, of their own accord, have organized weekly care packages to be sent to Jennie and her two young daughters.  And still the outpouring of love continued and in response Jennie wrote in a heartbreaking post: Continue reading

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I’m back on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon again and just finished day 1 and I’m pooped!  It’s amazing how I can jog for almost an hour but 20 minutes of circuit training and I’m done for the day.  But it’s all worth it, one of my good friends is having a civil ceremony at the end of the year so I better lose some of my jiggle.  Wish me luck!

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Tastes like College.

In college I was lucky enough to have an apartment with a kitchen.  As you well know, I love to cook and I had two roommates that loved to eat.  But of all the meals and desserts I prepared, the one dish that always reminds me of those years is something I came up with out of necessity.  Continue reading

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An Open Letter to my Sorrel Plants

My Dear Sorrel Bed,

I’m sorry we had to part ways like this.  I planted you early this spring not knowing what vigorous growers you are.  And I was so happy and surprised to see you bush out and fill the bed.  But unfortunately a rogue tomato plant decided to grow too close and started to encroach upon you flattening many of you.  I tried to do what I could to save the undamaged plants but when I saw that rogue tomato had begun bearing hundreds of tasty bright orange cherry tomatoes and that you, dear sorrel bed, were in my way of harvesting these tomatoes, well I knew your time was up.  I just wish I thought of taking a picture of you before uprooting and composting you all.  So let this be a lesson to all the other plants in my garden.  Nothing comes between me and my tomatoes.

-Yaznotthepill aka the sorrel killer.

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These are the first cherry tomatoes of the season and this is what happens when I get too eager while harvesting.  Serves me right if those green gems never turn red because I picked them too early.  Sigh.

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